A Matter of Note

Part of my morning ritual is packing Mrs. M’s lunch and making breakfast for the Spawn. In recent months, I’ve made a habit of writing little notes to Mrs. M and stashing them in the lunchbox. They’re nothing fancy — just little ways to let her know I’m thinking of her, and I’ll admit, it makes me happy to think that maybe it gives her something to look forward to in the middle of the day.

Apparently, however, she isn’t the only one. Her first-graders now demand a look at the daily note, and one afternoon last week, Mrs. M handed me the note I had enclosed that morning. At the bottom, in first-grade handwriting, I saw the following:

I like your notes?


Well, it seems to me that one should never ignore fan mail, so the next day, I included two notes. One went to Mrs. M, as usual, and the other looked like this:

Dear [Student],

Thank you for your lovely note — I liked it as well. Have a good day, and study hard!


Mr. Moore

Mrs. M reported that this was quite the hit, with the other students clamoring for a peek at my correspondent’s epistle. Fortunately, there were no extra pencils at hand in the cafeteria — I’m not sure I need a couple of dozen pen pals right now.

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1 Response to A Matter of Note

  1. Mrs. M says:

    My kids love the notes. Today, one of my little girls said she’s bring a pencil to lunch tomorrow. She’s not the only one looking for a pencil at lunch.
    Also, they noticed today’s note was similar to one from a couple months ago. They said you should use the word “love” more. Just sayin:)

    I love you.

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