And Back Again

Been a while, huh? As I mentioned last time, we’ve been engrossed in moving. The bulk of the hard stuff made the trip to the new place last Saturday, but there has still been plenty of stuff to do, from calling fence installers, plumbers, and TV service folks to buying a wet-vac on Wednesday night to battle a washing machine hose that chose to disconnect and flood the laundry room. And of course, there’s the business of loading and unloading (compounded by the fact that we are essentially moving both our own household and a lot of Mom and Dad’s stuff that came to Mondoville.) And that means lots of stairs, which is rough on the knees at my size. Fortunately, that seems to be easing a little bit — at least, the swelling is going down some.

As it stands, we still don’t really have internet service — that will be Monday, and until then I’m using my phone’s portable hotspot feature. Still, we’re glad to be here, and over the next few weeks, we should be able to get everything completely moved. Mrs. M has been the linchpin of the entire process, and spent yesterday hanging artworks around the house, which is starting to feel more like home all the time.

As of this afternoon, Spring Break has come to Mondoville, and not a moment too soon. I’ll have papers and midterm exams to grade over the next week, but I also hope to get some extra sleep and avoid the stairs. It has been crazy busy between meetings, classes and the move, but really, those are nice problems to have.

And speaking of school things, we were informed this afternoon that Mondoville has earned some positive recognition from conservative stalwart and former Education Secretary William Bennett. Bennett and David Wilezol are releasing a book called Is College Worth It?, and list my employer as one of eight private colleges “worth attending.” According to the press release I got in my e-mail a couple of hours ago, Bennett says:

“Building their school in the context of traditional values, Newberry primarily conducts education in the liberal arts, though staples like accounting, biology, chemistry, and nursing majors are also available. For those considering signing up for an ROTC program, Newberry also has a Military Science Leadership minor. Newberry also shows some financial responsibility to its students, as the school recently decided to freeze tuition for all four years for members of the 2013 freshman class.”

I don’t know how many applications that will draw, but it’s nice to be recognized, and I’d like to think that I’m doing my part; it makes me feel even better about my Cardinal Newman lecture yesterday.

So anyway, I’m back, more or less, and expect to be here more often — even if my knees aren’t holding out, my typing fingers are. Don’t be strangers!

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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