The Big Empty

If you have a few minutes (or half an hour or so), you may find Josh Worth’s scale model of the solar system to be of interest. It turns out there’s a lot of space in space. We know that intellectually, of course, but Worth’s tour of our astronomical neighborhood still has an emotional impact.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Patti White, via Facebook.


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One Response to The Big Empty

  1. Alaska Jack says:

    Or for a slightly more personal experience, you can always “walk” the solar system in “real time” (such as it is…), and experience some of the more interesting and decidedly non-empty-space scenery in Anchorage. The whole model is scaled such that a more-or-less standard walking pace approximates the speed of light, so you get an idea of the relative sizes and distances involved…Or you can run or bike it, and pretend you’re aboard the craft of your favorite science fiction/action hero doing the whole faster than light thing 🙂

    There’s even a website dedicated to it here:

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