Master Race Rock

The Onion‘s AV Club alerts us to an interesting bit of musical verisimilitude.  The computer game Wolfenstein: The New Order posits an alternate history in which the Nazis won World War II. As part of this horrible new world, we discover that although the Nazis didn’t much care for jazz or other sorts of degenerate art, they apparently still developed rock and roll.

In fact, there was apparently enough rock and roll to justify compilations of 60s hits. The game developers share eight of these songs with us at the Soundcloud page for “Neumond Records.” As I don’t speak German, I can’t translate the lyrics. However, the sound seems pretty authentic — especially in the psych-rock “Ich bin überall”, the Mod-influenced “Toe the Line”, and my favorite title, “Weltraumsurfen.”

Check it out, and translations are welcome.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Berries keyboardist/vocalist/videogamer Joseph Schroer.


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