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Classroom Management

From Robert Nozick‘s final interview: The Harvard graduate students of the late 60s and early 70s were the center of SDS activity on campus. I had been here for two years as an assistant professor, and left and went to … Continue reading

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Look On My Hits, Ye Mighty, and Despair

My parents, maternal grandparents, and a cousin of my generation who died when we were 13 are buried in a family plot in Nashville’s Woodlawn Cemetery. When my grandparents bought the plot, one of the things my grandfather liked about … Continue reading

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In Pieces, Bits and Pieces…

Well, I’m not, but the post is, so away we go… We’ve spent large chunks of the past few days working on clearing out Spackle Manor. Some of the stuff we found has made the trip here to Mondo Estates … Continue reading

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Outrage Fatigue

When I look around online — from Facebook to what the Spawn calls “the social justice kids” — I sometimes think I’ve fallen into the world of Howard Beale. All around, I see windows flung open, and I hear people … Continue reading

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‘Warts and All

Even Harry Potter’s alma mater has to rely on contingent faculty from time to time. A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Anne Brannen.

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Photographic Memories

James Baker Hall (generally known to his students as Jim) was many things. As a prose writer, he was a classmate of Peter S. Beagle, Larry McMurtry, and Ken Kesey at the Stanford Writing Workshop. As a poet, he published … Continue reading

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Selling Spackle Manor

Although we haven’t brought all our stuff to The New Place (Jetsons House? Mad Men Manor? The Space Age Chateau? Still working on it…), we’ve begun the process of marketing the place where we spent the last 10 years. So if … Continue reading

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