QotD: Whispering Glades Edition

I reread The Loved One last night, and remembered how much I enjoyed it. Once again, it’s so dark that it veers into the ultraviolet, but it’s also wonderfully elegant, and quite funny. It further reminded me that in nearly every satirist there beats the heart of a moralist — if you have no principles, then there is no cause for outrage. (Now, whether those principles are good or bad is another matter entirely, but that’s not where we’re going here.)

In any case, I found myself reminded of one of my favorite Waugh stories. By many accounts, he was a thoroughly nasty person. In a letter to a friend, Nancy Mitford reports that she asked Waugh how he could reconcile his seemingly devout personality with his often beastly conduct. And that leads us to our (indirect) Quote of the Day. Per Wiki:

 When asked by Nancy Mitford how he reconciled his often objectionable conduct with being a Christian, he replied that “were he not a Christian he would be even more horrible”.

I can see the truth in that.

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