Happy Birthday; Happy Easter

My mom would have been seventy today, or at least I’d like to think so. Even had violence not intervened, Mom had been ill for decades, and the decline had become continuous and steepening, even startling as I’d come home after being away for a few months at a time. Still, she was as stubborn a person as I could imagine, and had made much of her life out of fighting her body’s failures, and I think it possible that she might have seen her threescore and ten.

Easter was Mom’s favorite holiday — although as it is in the rest of our culture, Christmas was a bigger deal in our family — and she and I talked about that a few times. She loved the certainty of resurrection it offered, the promise of a time without the pain of loss, the pain of the space between desire and ability, the pain of misunderstanding, the pain of imperfection. These days, I treasure those promises more than I once did, and I value Easter accordingly.

I remember that she was particularly tickled in 2003, when Easter and her birthday coincided as they do today. I trust she enjoys it again today.

I’ll close with a snapshot of my mother in what appears to have been one of her few healthy years, and in one of her moments of goofiness, a share of which I’ve inherited over the years as well.

Mom, circa 1974. Shorts set probably from Sears; Hat courtesy of God. Picture probably by my dad.

Mom, circa 1974. Shorts set probably from Sears; Lilypad Hat courtesy of God. Picture probably by my dad.


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One Response to Happy Birthday; Happy Easter

  1. dave.s. says:

    So there was these three Unitarians that died last week, see, and they arrived at the Gates and Peter said, “usually I don’t let faithless trash like yourselves in, but, see, it’s the season, so, I’ll let you in if you can tell me the meaning of Easter”

    And #1 says, ‘erm, erm, well, Easter takes place in late November, and the family gets together for a meal, usually turkey…’ and Poof! he’s gone and there is a hint of brimstone.

    and #2 says ‘ah, erm, ah, Easter takes place just before New Years, and there are presents and a decorated tree..’ Poof! he’s gone too.

    and #3 says, ‘eh, erm, erm Easter takes place in the spring, and it commemorates when Our Lord died on the cross (peter: ‘yes, yes’) and was put in a tomb in the ground, and on the third day (peter: ‘yes! yes!’) and angel of the Lord came and rolled away the great rock in front of the tomb and our Lord came out (‘yes!’) and if he saw his shadow there were six more weeks of winter!’

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