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[…]I went for a run along the ocean… Well, along an asphalt path along the ocean. And twenty minutes in, I stopped beside some wood, you know, planks, that someone had made to spell “Bye, Kurt [Cobain].” I took a … Continue reading

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Genetically Connected Links

My colleague and friend David Rachels has an interesting short piece at Paul D. Brazill’s blog. The subject is freedom of artistic expression, focused through the lens of the career of noir writer Gil Brewer (a subject on which David … Continue reading

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QotD: Whispering Glades Edition

I reread The Loved One last night, and remembered how much I enjoyed it. Once again, it’s so dark that it veers into the ultraviolet, but it’s also wonderfully elegant, and quite funny. It further reminded me that in nearly every … Continue reading

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Auto Da Fe

Like most folks who have spent much of their lives in Kentucky, I’m passionate about Kentucky basketball, and that’s only enhanced by the fact I’m an alum. Despite all the awfulness of big-time college sports (and there’s more than enough), … Continue reading

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A Culture of Vengeance

So, let me get this straight: Hounding people from their jobs for political beliefs is a bad thing, if the belief in question has led to some of the greatest mass deaths of the 20th century. Suppressing the voices of … Continue reading

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As a fan of mid-century popcult oddness, I’m often amused by the “men’s adventure” mags of the era. I caught the very tail end of it in the 70s, reading the last-gasp issues of Argosy that somehow found their way into … Continue reading

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I May Be a Protestant, But…

… I can make room for some potpourri. (See what I did there?) April Fool’s Day passed relatively calmly, although I did manage to get the Spawn. Yesterday morning, I burst into her room and said, “We overslept! No time … Continue reading

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