And… Scene.

Yesterday was a busy day in Mondoville, and the conclusion of a busy couple of weeks. It started about 13 days ago, when the Spawn and her Admirer called it a day, having decided that they wanted different things from their relationship. Unfortunately, this left the Spawn dateless with less than two weeks before the junior prom, and this in turn led to the search for Prom Date 2.0.

As it happens, a nice young man (the son of one of Mrs. M’s coworkers) who is a senior at Cross-County Rival had been running into the Spawn at the local gym. They’ve known each other since they were elementary schoolers (that coworker thing), but got reacquainted over the last few months. Conveniently enough, the young gentleman is recently single as well, and with one thing leading to another, he accepted the nomination to be Prom Date 2.0. He and his mom swung by for pictures, which we took here Chez Mondo and at a local park. As it happens, the Mondoville campus is a very popular spot for prom pix, but you see…

Yesterday was also Mondoville’s commencement. We sent five English majors into the larger world yesterday, all of whom graduated with flying colors (three summa, one magna, and one cum laude). As I told a colleague, “Either this was a really smart group or we’ve got to start grading harder.” I’m betting on the first option. So I spent the afternoon on campus for the ceremony and subsequent reception. I’m going to miss this bunch.

So between the grads and prom people, the campus was covered with shutterbugs, which made our locations at home and downtown much better choices. And speaking of homes…

Mrs. M and I have been dashing back and forth between the new place and Spackle Manor, where we’ve been having the last details taken care of before we hand it over to a realtor. This meant that twenty minutes before I was supposed to be in cap and gown for the commencement processional, I was waiting in my driveway to pay some gents to grind tree stumps in our yard…

Oh, right — I hadn’t mentioned the stumps. We discovered that the trees in Spackle Manor’s front yard were dying and had a real risk of toppling. This was because, over the years, the city had been lopping off limbs that overhung the power lines in front of the house, which left the trees unbalanced. So it fell to the city to bring the trees down, which they did, but the stumps remained.

And that whirl of activity (along with, let us remember, the end-of-term Gradeapalooza) has led to a couple of weeks as seemingly disorganized as this post has been. However, at the end of things, it all sorts out, and can even be quite pleasing. The Spawn had a lovely time.

IMG_3198 IMG_3215


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2 Responses to And… Scene.

  1. Shirley harper says:

    What a good looking couple! Tell Em she is gorgeous!

  2. A very handsome couple. (But please tell him to remove his hands from his pockets for the photo. Then put them back there for the rest of the evening.)

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