Top. Men.

So, it seems that the White House inadvertently blew the cover of our top spy in Kabul over the weekend, in the course of hyping our intrepid Current Occupant’s surprise visit to Afghanistan. Per the linked WaPo story:

The CIA officer was one of 15 senior U.S. officials identified as taking part in a military briefing for Obama at Bagram air base, a sprawling military compound north of Kabul. 

[…] The list was circulated by e-mail to reporters who traveled to Afghanistan with Obama, and disseminated further when it was included in a “pool report,” or summary of the event meant to be shared with other news organizations, including foreign media, not taking part in the trip.

In this case, the pool report was filed by Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson. Wilson said he had copied the list from the e-mail provided by White House press officials. He sent his pool report to the press officials, who then distributed it to a list of more than 6,000 recipients.

Oh, well… if stuff like this hikes your blood pressure, then we can at least look forward to medical care from the same folks who bring us the stellar VA health care system.

No — wait.

Once again, government is made up of people. Some good, some bad, some competent, some less so. My dislike for Leviathan is based on this knowledge, and the strong suspicion we should largely disempower it if only to limit the damage it can do.

There are no “top men.” There are only people.

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