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Shut Up and Have a Conversation

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, he tours Hell and Purgatory before meeting up with his late, beloved Beatrice — who promptly reads him the riot act about his various departures from virtue. Ashamed, Dante hangs his head, only to discover that … Continue reading

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Speaking of Commencement Addresses…

… one Aaron Bady offers “A Commencement Address from Jonathan Edwards.” It made me laugh. A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Tony Schreck, via Facebook.

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Talk About Extended Plays…

I only went to one prom — although I was a sophomore, my girlfriend was a junior, and we went to hers in 1981. The venue at which it was held, the Drawbridge Inn in Ft. Mitchell, KY (where I … Continue reading

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Trigger Warnings Redux

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains rambling. Also, contains Trigger. So the NYT has taken note of the “trigger warning” phenomenon, with an article addressing it over the weekend. I talked about this a bit during my recent trip to Kalamazoo, but I suppose … Continue reading

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Just Got Real…

Mrs. M, the Spawn, and I went to Real City today for an admissions event at Flagship University, the first of these we’ve attended — as a unit, anyway (I’ve gone to a few at Mondoville over the years.) Flagship … Continue reading

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And the Pilgrimage Concludes

Got home about an hour ago, and thought I’d jot a few things down while I do some laundry and before I hit practice. Yesterday opened with a stop by the exhibit/book room, where I again spent more than I … Continue reading

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Kalamazoo Update

Two days of sessions are in the books, I’ve had my dinner, and am back in my room, having decided that relaxing sounds better than gladhanding at the various receptions tonight. I’m pretty beat, but it’s a pleasant kind of … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Kalamazoo…

Got into town a while ago, and am now establishing my base camp here in my palatial digs: This is my first trip here in five or so years, and I had forgotten how pretty the Western Michigan campus is. … Continue reading

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And the McGonagall Award Goes To…

I’ve spent pixels in the past discussing the career of William Topaz McGonagall, the 19th-C. Scots poet generally recognized as the worst poet in the history of English-language literature. What makes him interesting, however, is that either he didn’t get … Continue reading

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And… Scene.

Yesterday was a busy day in Mondoville, and the conclusion of a busy couple of weeks. It started about 13 days ago, when the Spawn and her Admirer called it a day, having decided that they wanted different things from … Continue reading

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