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Poetry Corner: Corporate Edition

My favorite poet, Archibald MacLeish, was trained as a lawyer before going into the poetry biz. This one seems to fit today. CORPORATE ENTITY The Oklahoma Ligno and Lithograph Co. Of Maine doing business in Delaware, Tennessee, Missouri, Montana, Ohio … Continue reading

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Having Made It Through…

… Part One of the Summer Term’s Minipalooza, I’m taking a break to watch the parade of exploding heads over the Hobby Lobby decision. First of all, I think Ramesh Ponnuru made a substantial point: We now go back to the … Continue reading

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Potpourri II: Electric Boogaloo

I’m heading into the last half-week of my summer teaching schedule — I’ve been teaching two classes this month, to a total of ten kids. One of those happens to be the Spawn, who is getting her Freshman Comp 1 … Continue reading

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Home Again, and a Berries Bulletin

The Spawn and I decided to forego the third day of convention activities and return to Mondoville, which we did with only minor moments of terror when I couldn’t find our validated parking ticket, and with a brief stop for … Continue reading

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Heroes Con Recap: Day 2

So today the Spawn and I got up remarkably early for a Saturday, went downstairs and breakfasted at the hotel restaurant. (Very good bacon, by the way — crisp, but not scorched.) Afterwards, we came back to the room as … Continue reading

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Heroes Con Recap: Day 1

The Spawn and I loaded up Mrs. M’s Good Car and headed up to Charlotte yesterday for our annual pilgrimage to Heroes Con. After getting settled into our genuinely posh hotel room and letting Mrs. M know we had made … Continue reading

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Making Orphans

I became acquainted with Angry Robot Books when I discovered Chris F. Holm’s very fine Collector series a couple of years back. After that, I found Matt Hughes’s “To Hell and Back” series from that imprint as well. The publisher … Continue reading

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QotD: Presidential Edition

In an article at National Review Online this morning, Windsor Mann passes along the following quote from the President, which is the QotD:  You guys are fed a lot of cynicism every single day about how nothing works and big … Continue reading

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Feeling a Bit Crosse

I get the daily teaser from the Chronicle of Higher Ed in my morning e-mail, and as I was reading it, I noticed a series of articles in which Allan Metcalf argues that we revise how we read and teach Spenser’s masterwork, The Faerie … Continue reading

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A Quick Hypothesis

Comma splices are a bane of my existence, as I’m sure they are for many folks in my line of work. I’ve often wondered why they are so frequent in my students’ papers, and I’m beginning to think they’re an … Continue reading

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