Ooooh! Veddy Skeddy!

A Facebook friend of mine shared a post promoting a local church’s rally a couple of weekends from now. The rally’s catchphrase? “America has a Koch Problem.”

Ah, yes, those nefarious Koch brothers, those troglodytes who favor abortion rights, marriage equality, an end to the war on drugs and a downscaling of the military (all positions they’ve held for decades, btw). Bastions of evil, they are (when they aren’t pouring a billion bucks into cancer and other medical research, or funding the American Ballet Theater, Lincoln Center, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.) But they oppose an ever-expanding government (as when they gave those fascists at the ACLU $10M to oppose the Patriot Act), so they’re Even More Evil Than Kanye(TM). Instead, let’s heed nature’s noblemen like Harry Reid, who is so courageous that he only slanders people from the Senate floor (which grants him immunity). He tells us the Koch brothers are this week’s Emmanuel Goldsteins, but in fact, a commenter at Reason‘s blog put it best: The brothers, he said, are “the Slenderman of the progs.”

Folks should protest whatever they want, but they probably should know who and what they’re opposing.

I agree that we have a Koch problem. There aren’t enough of them.

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