Lemonade Recipes

As I was perusing Facebook a few minutes ago, an ad caught my attention. Moments later, I found myself confronted by an exciting opportunity. “Become a Part-Time Professor”, it beckoned. “Live and teach anywhere you like[.]” Hard to say no to something that good, isn’t it?

So I checked an entry on the site’s blog:

Puerto Vallarta sunset sinks into the azure sea as a white stallion stands silently on the silver sand. I sit on the beach and enter the online Blackboard platform of my Master of Fine Arts screenwriting course. Although I’m currently in Mexico, I am currently working as a part-time adjunct professor in an accredited U.S.-based university. Fortunately, the high-speed internet service at The Sheraton Buganvilias is connected and I hit the “submit” button.

Yep, absolutely representative experience right there. That’s certainly what life is like for the folks teaching our remedial sections. Why, it’s as if he’s just down the hall from my office!

But don’t think for a moment that they lack a clearsighted understanding of the adjunct life. From another entry:

Myth 5 — Adjuncts are overworked and underpaid
This is a matter of perception. I think the majority of people in most professions would say that they are overworked and underpaid. If you are teaching at a university part-time strictly for the pay, you may feel it isn’t worth the effort. If you are driving an hour each way to teach a one-hour class three times a week, it is probably not the best way to supplement your income. However, if you teach close to home or teach online, the intangible rewards and supplemental pay may be just perfect for your needs.

So why complain? Heck, your hobby could be just like my job — but I have to do it all day! In Mondoville! And to think I could be sipping some sissy-mary umbrella drink on the beach. Where did I go wrong?

Yet somehow, I don’t think I’ll trade.



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