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Lemonade Recipes

As I was perusing Facebook a few minutes ago, an ad caught my attention. Moments later, I found myself confronted by an exciting opportunity. “Become a Part-Time Professor”, it beckoned. “Live and teach anywhere you like[.]” Hard to say no … Continue reading

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Ooooh! Veddy Skeddy!

A Facebook friend of mine shared a post promoting a local church’s rally a couple of weekends from now. The rally’s catchphrase? “America has a Koch Problem.” Ah, yes, those nefarious Koch brothers, those troglodytes who favor abortion rights, marriage … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

This is the fifth Father’s Day since the murders of my mom and dad on 12 June 2009. Like birthdays, anniversaries with fives or zeroes at the end seem to carry greater weight, and I think that’s one reason I’ve … Continue reading

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A Future Purchase

The second volume of William Patterson’s Heinlein bio has come out, and in The New Republic, Jeet Heer announces that he thinks both it and its subject are spinach. I read the first volume, and my biggest complaint was that it … Continue reading

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Hellos and Goodbyes

The Berries did our first show in a while here in Mondoville, playing at Bar III along with our friends Thee Knee Jerks and Craig and the Bodietones. Everyone appeared to be in fine form — Thee Knee Jerks were … Continue reading

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So Here’s to You, Mr. Watterson

As I’ve mentioned before, I started reading a few months after I started walking, and I still read better than I walk. Not surprisingly, I developed a very early interest in comics, both newspaper and comic book. Sometimes I was … Continue reading

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I Want This

I don’t play guitar at all. When I write songs, I use a keyboard — either a piano or a little electronic job I have here at the house. However, when I was a kid haunting my local music store … Continue reading

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Balancing the Necessary and the Evil

On numerous occasions, I’ve said to friends that I see government as a necessary evil, and that I emphasize one word or the other depending on my mood. We are neither perfect nor perfectible by human action, and so government … Continue reading

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You Can Dance If You Want To…

A couple of years back, I mentioned the daughters of a friend of mine, who were involved in a serious car accident. My friend’s oldest daughter, Chloe was a dancer and dance instructor at the time of the crash. The injuries … Continue reading

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