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A Little Bit Pregnant… A Little Bit Feminist?

The other day, I ran across an article at National Review Online that discussed the current online “thing” called “Women Against Feminism.” Today a Facebook friend and colleague of mine had a post on the same topic (apparently, the Today show had … Continue reading

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A Modest Educational Proposal

Over at Reason (which, by the way, is hiring), there’s a blog post about an assortment of budget cuts former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has made at Purdue, where he is now president. I offer no comment as to the goodness … Continue reading

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“Terry Ted Is Really Sweet”

Terry Bozzio is a drummer with a remarkable resume, ranging from Frank Zappa’s band to new wavers Missing Persons and prog supergroup U.K.. He combines technical skill with musicality in a manner too often overlooked in a world of “drum performance as … Continue reading

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QotD: Paid-by-the-Chapter Edition

I have never liked Dickens. Well, that’s probably not fair — I never met the guy, but then I never met Samuel Johnson either, and that hasn’t quelled my affection. But I do not like — and never have liked … Continue reading

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The Federal Register (the compendium of U.S. regulations — call it the footprint of bureaucracy) weighed in at 78,961 pages in 2012. There is no reason to assume that number has declined since then. The U.S. tax code came in … Continue reading

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A Contrapuntal Hypothesis

A Facebook friend of mine posted a link to a February article from Americans Against the Tea Party, contending that the heaviest users of food stamps are white folks from Red States, and cites Kentucky’s Owsley County as an example. … Continue reading

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Grinding Sausage

One of the reasons I got into the higher ed racket (besides the fact that it suits my peculiar skill set) was because it was a way to make sure the Spawn would have at least one college she could … Continue reading

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Some Florentine News…

I went to high school in Florence, KY, about fifteen miles from Cincinnati. Florence is also the home of the Florence Freedom, an independent minor-league baseball team. Minor-league baseball (and especially the low minors, and especially especially the low minors in … Continue reading

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I Wasn’t Expecting…

…my new anthem to come from this particular quarter, but one takes allies where one finds them. (And see? You probably were expecting the Spanish Inquisition after that title, weren’t you?)

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The Devil Will Not Be Mocked

One of the most depressing things I’ve heard in recent months was Mel Brooks’s acknowledgement that it would be impossible to make Blazing Saddles today. As it happens, when I’ve taught the Western in my film classes, I’ve closed the semester with … Continue reading

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