Thousandth Verse, Same As the First…

So… a Burger King in San Francisco wrapped some of its trademark Whoppers in rainbow paper for Pride Week, dubbing it the Proud Whopper. Interestingly, the paper also bears the legend, “We’re all the same inside.” Given the location and timing of this particular stunt, I don’t really see it as being that different from chili parlors in Cincinnati having cups and such that celebrate the Reds or Bengals during the season. (No, I’m not saying that sexual orientation is like picking a sports team. Go peddle that accusatory nonsense elsewhere.) It’s a lighthearted attempt to identify with a local customer base.

However, some segments of the population have seized upon this as an opportunity to claim another milestone in the ongoing civilizational collapse. A visit to the fast-food company’s Facebook page reveals folks getting bent out of shape, threatening boycotts (Mother of Mercy — is that what everyone lives for these days?) and condemning the whole enterprise.

Once again, I have to turn to Mondo’s Law — If your politics are bigger than your life, you’re doing one of them wrong. And here’s a corollary: if you see buying a burger as some sort of referendum, that may be a warning sign.

Me — I don’t like their fries.


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4 Responses to Thousandth Verse, Same As the First…

  1. Withywindle says:

    Anybody yet made the obvious “Burger Queen” joke?

  2. profmondo says:

    No, but I did find a reference to a Harvey Milkshake.

  3. dave.s. says:

    McMegan has a choice column about boycotters:
    and the abject failure to bring Chick-fil-A to it’s knees.

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