Credit Where It’s Due

Mondoville College is affiliated with a Christian denomination — the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Although we don’t require a faith statement or anything (in recent years, our faculty has included at least one Muslim and one Baha’i), we do have chapel (not mandatory) on Wednesdays, and a few current pastors on faculty.

It was with some dismay, then, that I read a recent Chronicle article by Penn prof Peter Conn, in which he claimed that religious colleges have abdicated the primacy of reason and are hence unworthy of accreditation. Of course, this says more about Conn’s own epistemic closure than it does about the colleges in question, but since the Chronicle decided to give the guy a soapbox, I figured it was worth a comment. However, as I was engaged in Minipalooza, I forgot about it.

That’s just as well, because at The New Atlantis, Alan Jacobs (of Wheaton College) swings the big hammer. Check it out.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Kathy Phillips Nanney, via Facebook.


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