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Some Florentine News…

I went to high school in Florence, KY, about fifteen miles from Cincinnati. Florence is also the home of the Florence Freedom, an independent minor-league baseball team. Minor-league baseball (and especially the low minors, and especially especially the low minors in … Continue reading

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I Wasn’t Expecting…

…my new anthem to come from this particular quarter, but one takes allies where one finds them. (And see? You probably were expecting the Spanish Inquisition after that title, weren’t you?)

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The Devil Will Not Be Mocked

One of the most depressing things I’ve heard in recent months was Mel Brooks’s acknowledgement that it would be impossible to make Blazing Saddles today. As it happens, when I’ve taught the Western in my film classes, I’ve closed the semester with … Continue reading

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Stiff Upper Lip… No Sausage

A former student of mine has married an Israeli woman. They’re going through the process of bringing her into this country legally (How quaint!), so at the moment, he’s over here and she’s over there. Of course, over there is … Continue reading

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For the Articles…

Many years ago, I made a brief attempt at doing stand-up comedy. I was dreadful, and eventually I figured out that my sense of humor is largely reactive. If someone says or does something, I can say or do something … Continue reading

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Sometimes This Stuff Writes Itself

I checked the mail this morning as I was bringing the garbage can back from the curb, and discovered that I was being offered a wonderful opportunity: Let’s see… Useless but hyped? Overly expensive? Does nothing but talk? Includes an … Continue reading

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QotD: Tragic View Edition

When I hear people talk about the right and wrong sides of history, I typically remind myself that they mean the right and wrong sides of historians, which ain’t necessarily the same thing. I suppose a prime example of this … Continue reading

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