There Are Reissues, and Then…

… there are reissues. I’m late to the party on this one, but in the latest issue of Shindig! (my periodical drug of choice these days), there’s a review of a release that came out not quite a year ago, from the late Herbert Khaury, better known as Tiny Tim. There has been a resurgence of interest in Tiny Tim’s career in recent years (Penn Jillette is a serious fan), and an acknowledgement that he was an important figure in the preservation and promotion of late 19th- early 20th-C. popular music. It can also be argued that he was one of the most successful “outsider musicians” in memory.

In  any case, as I said, a rediscovered track from Tiny Tim, “(Nobody Else Can Love Me Like) My Old Tomato Can” has been released in a rather old-school format: the Edison Wax Cylinder. The release was limited to a run of fifty units and is sold out, but interested modern-day buyers can pick up a card for a download… of the cylinder playback.

Or if you prefer, you can go to this site and watch a video of one such cylinder being played on an Edison phonograph. (I would have embedded the video, but YouTube tells me the video is “unlisted”, and discourages sharing of it. Therefore, I’ll let you view it at an authorized site.) Now tell me vinyl and cassettes are retro. Kind of makes me want to release The Berries’s album on 8-track.

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