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Electronic Berries…

Because I’m still a big fan of physical media, I consume my music in vinyl or CD form almost exclusively. But of course, most people aren’t as weird about that sort of thing as I am, and my band, The … Continue reading

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In the Mood for Some Fiction?

If so, you might want to check out the debut issue of Dark Corners, available at a discount until Friday. You’ll find my story “Domestic Tableau” here, and I’ll admit it’s one I felt a little more strongly than others. You’ll also … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, In Middle Tennessee…

The Williamson County School Board has a newly elected chairman, a fellow named Mark Gregory. The election was legitimate, but there are now voices crying out for his resignation. You see, Mr. Gregory helped his brother invent a device called … Continue reading

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“He’s Got An Uncontrollable Urge…”

(For the source of my title, click here.) One of my favorite lines from Wise Old Man Robert Heinlein is this one: Man is a wild animal. As history moves along, one of its lessons seems to be that efforts to … Continue reading

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Back to Mondoville and One Year After

Mrs. M’s father died last Thursday afternoon, and the burial was yesterday. He had been in seriously declining health since late spring, but it was still not entirely anticipated. He died peacefully at the age of 75, with his wife … Continue reading

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In Which the Student Becomes the Master

In some downtime yesterday, the Spawn and I were discussing the various provinces of geeky fandom, and the conversation eventually degenerated to a consideration of Harry Potter fan fiction. In particular, she told me, there are quite a few stories … Continue reading

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L’Affaire Salaita

The current teapot tempest in academia these days is the unhiring of Steven Salaita, who accepted a job offer in American Indian Studies at the U of Illinois’s flagship campus in Urbana-Champaign, only to have the rug yanked out from … Continue reading

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