Late-Night Football and Other Potpourri

The Mid-Century Mondohaus had a guest this past weekend, as the Mad Dog swung by for a couple of days. The centerpiece of the weekend was to be Mondoville’s home opener in football, which was scheduled to begin at 6:00 on Saturday evening.

But then came the rain. A very slow-moving front brought thunderstorms to town, and because NCAA rules prohibit play if there has been lightning within eight miles of the field within a half-hour (and every lightning strike restarts the clock), the game was initially delayed until 7:30, and kickoff finally arrived at 9:45, with the game concluding at 1:05 Sunday morning. One advantage to living next to campus is that we weren’t stuck in a parking lot or similar billet, so we strolled over just before game time and stayed for the duration.

As football games go, it wasn’t too much of a contest. Mondoville’s opponent is in its first season of football, and after a sloppy first half, the home team woke up and squashed the other guys by fifty points. But it was a great deal of fun hanging out with the Mad Dog, who may be relocating to a home much nearer to Mondoville. We’re already looking forward to getting together in November. With luck, it’ll be drier. And now some odds and ends…

In other news, one of my ancestral lands seems to be considering disuniting the United Kingdom. P.J. O’Rourke is excited about the prospect.

Know someone who has a Che T-Shirt? Expand their wardrobe! (Or maybe just for fans of the school’s Mid-American Conference rivals… just sayin’…)

Finally, back in Boone County, KY, a woman I know is in a situation I know too well, as the trial of the man accused of murdering her sister gets underway. May she be granted the patience she will need.



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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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