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Cheese Was

One of the less obvious disadvantages to an ever-expanding government is the barrier it creates to entrepreneurism. And of course, even small companies that have been around a while require entrepreneurial spirit to survive. But when the costs of regulation … Continue reading

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Dear Universe…

Why do you hate me so? Why? I find it ironic that the activities of a Baptist preacher would drive me to these questions of theodicy.

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Late-Night Football and Other Potpourri

The Mid-Century Mondohaus had a guest this past weekend, as the Mad Dog swung by for a couple of days. The centerpiece of the weekend was to be Mondoville’s home opener in football, which was scheduled to begin at 6:00 … Continue reading

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Plugging a Friend’s Work

I’ve mentioned my colleague John Carenen’s work before — his first novel, Signs of Struggle, was an interesting balance of the tough guy, the amateur detective, and Christianity, and more essentially, a very good read. If you haven’t read it, you … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Discovers a Very Minor Superpower

Went to my local ophthalmologist earlier this week for a checkup. When I was a kid, I wore glasses, and when I hadn’t misplaced them, continued this off and on into adulthood. However, when I moved to SC, I passed … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Discovers a Grand-student

This is my twelfth year at Mondoville, which is a long time in some respects, but a very short one in others. Yesterday, I had something happen that has not to my knowledge happened to me before. My freshpeeps are … Continue reading

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A Feel-Good Story from Cincinnati

Having lived a good chunk of my life in the Cincinnati area, I’m something of a Bengals fan. This has not usually been fulfilling, but they were the home team, so there you are. Bengals fans spend a fair amount … Continue reading

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