The Joys of Tribalism

Clan Mondo spent most of yesterday at Flagship U in Real City. The weather was perfect — unseasonably so, and we spent the first part of the day touring the campus. At one point, we were standing near the Flagship president’s house, and our tour guide was talking about the gentleman’s love of Flagship’s athletics. He mentioned that at one point last year, the prez joined in a court-storming after the basketball team upset the University of Kentucky, and said later that if they were going to be fined, he might as well get his money’s worth out of it.

Now of course, I’m an alum of the U of KY, and I leaned over to the Spawn and did some sotto voce grumbling, a la Yosemite Sam: “Consarned razzafratchin’…”, you know. The Spawn whispered back, “Don’t start a fight with the tour guide… or the president.” We chuckled, and the tour continued.

Through one of those delightful coincidences life hands us, Flagship’s football team happened to be visiting Lexington last night. Final score? UK 45, Flagship 38. The fan reaction? This.

I texted a friend, “NOW talk about storming the court.”

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