Some Wednesday Potpourri

The Czar of Muscovy offers handy health advice.


The premiere issue of Dark Corners has hit the virtual stands, and is well worth your time. It includes my story “Domestic Tableau,” along with a very kind review of Broken Glass Waltzes. The stories run the gamut from noir to urban fantasy, and are quite entertaining. I particularly recommend Sam Wiebe’s “Next to Nothing”, and the issue contains a nice interview with him as well. And if you can resist a story about an axe-wielding midget entitled “Short and Choppy”, well, you’re a better person than I am.

Magazines like this deserve your support. Sixty years ago, stories like mine had markets like Manhunt and Mike Shayne, and it was even possible to eke out a meager living writing for those markets. A lot of writers cut their teeth in publications of that sort, and while there were some clunkers, a lot of good stories showed up there as well. Although Dark Corners isn’t a paying market yet (and I’m OK, having my professorial “day gig”), they’re doing the right thing and putting out some good work. Check them out.


I guess I’ll have to get Showtime in 2016. Not everyone agrees, but I’m at least glad to give it a shot.


The Spawn introduced me to an online comic that I find somewhat interesting, and I thought I’d clue you in. Apothecia is a science fiction story about a young woman and an evil, sentient fungus from space. Both characters intrigue me, and we’re now 70+ pages in. Maybe you’ll like it as well.


Finally, here’s some music. The Tokens will always be remembered for their one-hit wonder of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in 1962, but they actually went on for a number of years afterwards, formed their own label, and recorded some intriguing soft psychedelia and experimental songs. Here’s an example from 1967-68, a period captured on their It’s a Happening World LP. Enjoy.


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