Weekend Roundup

Read some classic noir on Friday, in the form of Detour, Martin Goldsmith’s 1939 novel that inspired the 1945 film. It’s now out in a Kindle e-ditionand as of this posting, is a mere $2.99 at Amazon. That milkshake-priced work also includes a nifty foreword from Lawrence Block, and whether you’ve seen the movie or not, the book has some restaurant-quality darkness and fatalism, which of course is the point. It’s a quick read, and even the discursive portions don’t break the story’s momentum. I recommend it.

Yesterday was another marching competition, this one in the Upstate hamlet of Liberty, a town that the Spawn said looked “quaint, like a town in a Stephen King novel before things go wrong.” Not a bad assessment — when Mrs. M and I were looking around during the dinner break, we discovered that the town appears utterly devoid of the traditional fast-food options. Consequently, we ate at The Liberty Bell restaurant, an independent place that advertises the “meat and three” on its marquee, and inside offers the usual array of burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and other similar meals on a changeable board above the service counter. Very good french fries. A highlight of the competition was that the Spawn’s color guard was named best in their class, which led to this:

Em Trophy

Next week, the playoffs begin.

And here’s a bit of music before I adjourn to grade papers. Continuing the soft pop-psych vibe of my previous post, here are Rochester, NY’s Brass Buttons, with 1968’s “Hell Will Take Care of Her,” which wouldn’t be a bad title for a noir story, now that I think of it…

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. Grading awaits.


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