On Things Fictional

One of the nice things about the world of social media is that it has given me opportunities to discover (and in some cases “meet”) new writers in my genres of choice. A fine example of this is Jake Hinkson, whose new book, The Big Ugly, I read during my office hour Monday. It’s a solid contemporary crime novel/thriller, with a number of interesting characters and the occasional hint of a roman a clef. At this point, my favorite Hinkson novel remains Hell on Church Street, which careens Thompsonlike into the abyss, but this one is a nicely crafted work as well, and Hinkson warrants your attention.

As for me, I found out over the weekend that a new adventure of Graham, my cowboy character, has found a home. I’ll say a bit more about that as the publication arrives. This one falls into a subgenre I didn’t really know about until fairly recently — the Weird Western. In this case, it’s kind of like a meeting between Louis L’Amour and Oliver Onions. I suppose the king of this sort of thing was Robert E. Howard, but a current practitioner of the form is Heath Lowrance, whose Hawthorne adventures are well worth your while.

Interestingly, a couple of folks I respect have suggested that I look at doing something long-form with Graham — I’ll have to see what comes up. And meanwhile, I have a question for some of my friends in the storytelling game. In my own experience, some characters come to me as first-person voices (Kenny from Broken Glass Waltzes, or some of my other criminous types), and others as third-person stories (Graham, or this guy). I write them accordingly. Is that how it happens for y’all as well? Just wondering.

Now I can try to remember what the world looks like without a stack of ungraded papers blocking my view.


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