Putting the “Meta” in the Metaphysical

In the wake of yesterday’s post about bad Christian rock, reader and friend David D. pointed this one out to me. As he notes: “The realism of this video is the reason I’m ‘nosebleed’ high church these days.” I’ve never been quite at this point, but having done a couple of stretches deputizing in worship bands, I can dig it.

OK,  seriously, whatever brings folks closer to Christ is a net gain, but I worry that this might be a little too much shiny happy Christianity, long on flash and thin on substance. Hope I’m wrong.

And just for the heck of it, back in my undergrad days, I spent a lot of time hanging out in the campus radio station (Surprising, I know.) One day, some friends and I were rooting through the albums of yesteryear and found what appeared to be some sort of old-school acid rock/heavy psych. We didn’t know anything about the group, but closer examination and a couple of spins revealed it to be a Christian rock album — in fact, the band that made it was one of the first Christian rock groups. It was Mind Garage’s Electric Liturgy album, and while side one was standard late-60s hard rock (including what I remember as a pretty fair Vanilla Fudgish version of “Paint It Black“), side two was the titular concept piece, a full-on Episcopalian service (with hints of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida). So, submitted for your consideration, praise and/or blame, here’s a bit of Morgantown, WV’s Mind Garage.

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