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We Interrupt This Gradeapalooza…

…for a dose of potpourri. The Spawn, Mrs. M, and I saw the animated Disney feature Big Hero 6 at the Real City Megaplex yesterday afternoon. No, it isn’t a sequel to Big Hero 5 — the six indicates the number of … Continue reading

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Weather Thou Goest

The threat of heavy weather in the Appalachians prevented the annual Thanksgiving trip to Lost-In-The-Woods County, so Mrs. M, the Spawn, and I are relaxing around the house before the afternoon feast. And despite the change in plans, we have … Continue reading

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In Which Mondo’s Law Gets Stuffed…

As I spoke to my freshpeeps on Monday, I wished them safe travels and offered a bit of advice. “For many of y’all, this will be the most time you’ve spent with your family since you left for college. You’ve … Continue reading

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Blow Your Harmonica, Son

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An Albatross-and-Berries Sandwich

The Berries got out for the first time in a while last night, playing our local bar, along with another band from Mondoville County. This was a small landmark for us, as it was our first two-set night. Our friends … Continue reading

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Priorities, Man!

Executive orders for me, but not for thee. Millions of scofflaws? Pfft. But taxes? Why, that’s the very fabric of what it means to be American, Sir! Again, let me remind you that we should not grant government (or branches thereof) … Continue reading

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Some Friday Potpourri

It’s pillory time for Series of Unfortunate Events author Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler), who made some ill received comments about an African American writer’s watermelon allergy. Mr. Handler has already engaged in self-denunciation, so doubtless his re-education and rehabilitation (two … Continue reading

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The Fat Envelope

Flagship U has been the Spawn’s first choice college for a couple of years now, and after we went to a couple of prospective student visit days, she went ahead and filled out her application before the early answer deadline. … Continue reading

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Well, not in Mondoville, but back in my old Kentucky home (that’s catchy — someone should write a song!), there’s at least 4 inches on the ground, and more is forecast. I told my students that if I were back … Continue reading

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Reading the Runes

Just read the Spawn’s application essay to a college in which she’s interested. I was startled to read her epigraph, which is a loose translation from Beowulf (2464-7): “There is no justice in a kin slaying.” I promise I did … Continue reading

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