We Interrupt This Gradeapalooza…

…for a dose of potpourri.

The Spawn, Mrs. M, and I saw the animated Disney feature Big Hero 6 at the Real City Megaplex yesterday afternoon. No, it isn’t a sequel to Big Hero 5 — the six indicates the number of superhero team members in the city of San Fransokyo (a lovely visual portmanteau). It was a pleasant hundred minutes, if a little predictable, and saw us through two buckets of popcorn. An unexpected bonus was a short that preceded the feature. “Feast” was an almost wordless tale of a dog (looking rather like a Boston Terrier), its eating habits, and what happens when its master finds love. A bit sentimental, but pleasantly so.


After the movie, Mrs. M dropped the Spawn and me off at a nearby used bookstore. The Spawn grabbed a couple of novels, and I picked up a replacement for a book I lost sometime ago, and a paperback edition of the Paston Letters. Medieval lit nerds and Black Friday — who knew? Then we headed home, had leftovers, and I graded papers. A good day.


On the subject of books, I’m pleased to report that in April, I’ll have a story in Dark City Lights, an anthology of New York-set fiction selected and edited by Lawrence Block. Having been invited to submit is a huge thrill, but I was even more tickled to see the cover:

Dark City

I wish my folks were still around every day, of course, but when I saw my name on the cover with Robert Silverberg’s (and Larry’s, of course), I really hoped Dad is somewhere from which he can see it. I’ll talk more about this book as the release date nears.


And since it isn’t a Saturday potpourri without some garage rock, here are a couple of songs from a band that has tweaked my interest this week (and we all know how much fun it is to have one’s interest tweaked). The Baroques were a psych band from Milwaukee that found themselves on the legendary Chess label as the historic blues record label reached into the world of late-60s rock. Among other things, I like the fact that the vocalist actually sings in a register low enough to be in my range. The album apparently sold like bacon in Tel Aviv, but some of the cuts are pretty nifty. We’ll start with a track that could only have been made in 1967, “Musical Tribute to the Oscar Mayer Weiner Wagon”:

But for something more uptempo, here’s “Bicycle”, which has been running through my head all week. Extra points for sneaking a reference to merkins into a record in 1967.

OK, now back to my papers. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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