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The Fat Envelope

Flagship U has been the Spawn’s first choice college for a couple of years now, and after we went to a couple of prospective student visit days, she went ahead and filled out her application before the early answer deadline. … Continue reading

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Well, not in Mondoville, but back in my old Kentucky home (that’s catchy — someone should write a song!), there’s at least 4 inches on the ground, and more is forecast. I told my students that if I were back … Continue reading

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Reading the Runes

Just read the Spawn’s application essay to a college in which she’s interested. I was startled to read her epigraph, which is a loose translation from Beowulf (2464-7): “There is no justice in a kin slaying.” I promise I did … Continue reading

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Brand Ecch!

(For the title reference, click here.) I almost never drink coffee — when I do, it’s in sissymaryfroufrou frappuccino form, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight. However, this caught my attention this morning. Keurig coffeemakers have … Continue reading

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What Fresh Hell…

The Czar of Muscovy has done his preseason handicapping of the potential GOP field for 2016. I am pleased to see that he swiftly drops my nightmare candidates (Huckabee and Santorum), and suggests that my current favorite (Scott Walker) may be … Continue reading

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One of My Favorite Authors Offers You…

… some lovely, small, folded-paper animals. Accept them.

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QotD: It’s a Feature Edition

As I watch my lefty friends engaging in tooth-gnashing and despair, and my GOP friends trying to refrain from unseemly sack dancing, I find the QotD from J.D. Tucille over at Reason: Could it be that, kumbaya language aside, the electorate … Continue reading

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