Sunday Potpourri

Yesterday started early, as the Spawn was having another go at the ACT in an effort to boost her scholarship chances. I fixed her breakfast and did chauffeur duties, and she said later that she thought she did pretty well on most of it, although the science section was a bit rough. We shall see.

Then my colleagues and I launched another set of Mondoville kids (including an English major) into the world yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely day for it, sunny and bright, with a high in the 60s. Afterward, I watched the men’s and women’s basketball teams vanquish their opposition, with the men improving to 9-0 by defeating Mrs. M’s grad institution for the second time this season. As most of the kids were gone, the crowd was somewhat sparse, but that worked to my advantage, as I won a pizza and a Mondoville College prize pack in a couple of contests. I shared the pizza with a few of my friends, and walked home after a long, but satisfying day.


I gave a couple of finals this week, and while the kids were working, I wrote a 2,000-word short story. I sent it off to Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and expect my rejection slip any day now. Meanwhile, I showed my novel-in-lack-of-progress to a friend of mine to see if he had any thoughts on it. He actually seemed to think it was pretty good, and while I was thinking about abandoning it, I’ll just return to feeling guilty about it. Ah, the writing life!


With a touch of sadness, I’ve had to retire my Samuel Johnson T-shirt, or at least wear it only when I’m not leaving the house. The good news is that a fresh one is now on its way for Christmas. The Great Cham will remain part of my wardrobe.


After several months, Clan Mondo now has a contract on Spackle Manor, and we’re hoping to close on the transaction before year’s end. It’s a little bittersweet — as I said, I lived in that house longer than I have anywhere else, but we’re happy to be in the Mid-Century Mondohaus, and as Mrs. M says (using a term I frequently hear applied to stray animals), this looks like our “forever home.” I’m good with that.


And for a musical selection, a bit of lovely contemporary jangle. I’ve previously mentioned Austin’s Ugly Beats, whose “Harm’s Way” inspired me to imagine a 60s teen melodrama. Ugly Beats guitarist Joe Emery happens to play bass in another combo working that side of the street, The Soulphonics (not to be confused with Ruby Velle‘s Atlanta-based backing group.) So from Austin‘s Soulphonics, here’s a cut from their album that came out last month, “Brave New Girl.”

May the rest of your weekend go well.


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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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