Abraham Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog

You might recognize the title here as the punch line for an ancient joke: An author is told that the public likes books about Lincoln, doctors, and dogs, so he decides to write a sure bestseller. In my chosen metier, I guess it might be something about the crime-solving cat of a chef or something like that. I’m not complaining about those components, by the way — much respect to those folks who can write successfully about stuff they enjoy — I just aim in another direction.

But what happens when things actually get that formulaic? Well, in the realm of contemporary hit country music, a Nashville songwriter using the sobriquet of “Sir Mashalot” took a half-dozen recent hits, did a bit of computerized tweaking, and produced an object lesson in the uniformity of the current genre.

As we’ve previously established, I’m not a fan of this stuff, (although to be fair, every genre has its conventions — conventions are a way of defining genres, after all) but I have to admire Mr. Mashalot’s genius in converting these six songs into a single cohesive melange of what Pope or Dryden would have called dullness.

May your day be more interesting.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Michael Dearing, via Facebook.

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2 Responses to Abraham Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog

  1. That’s a terrific mashup. I’ve heard all of those songs on Sirius while riding around with the MadDoc (gotta work on the pseudonym). Now let’s get a mashup of the songs which talk about how the hottest girl in the room always ends up with the singer while they’re at a party or a bar drinking heavily.

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