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Reinventing the Wheel — or the Roller, Anyway

I’m a lousy typist. Given that I spent six years of my life as a journalist, and that I’ve done a fair amount of writing (fiction, the diss, the blog, freelance stuff in grad school, and so on) since that … Continue reading

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Adieu, Mr. Nimoy.

I heard about the death of Leonard Nimoy this morning at lunch when the obit showed up in my e-mail. As a third-generation SF fan (and an occasional writer of the stuff), I owe Mr. Nimoy a debt of gratitude … Continue reading

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Well, That De-Escalated Quickly

The latest installment of DEATHSTORM 2015 fizzled out for Mondoville. The ladies of the house are still abed, beneficiaries of a precautionary two-hour delay that was declared last night. I, meanwhile, remain on a regular schedule. Good thing I love … Continue reading

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Impending Snow in Mondoville

The Winter Storm Warning for Mondoville County commences in about twenty minutes, and will run for about fourteen hours. We expect up to three inches of snow, which we call “Easter” in my old Kentucky stomping grounds, but is a … Continue reading

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It Was Destiny, I Guess…

My mother’s favorite song was Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” She wanted it played at her funeral, a request that my guitarist cousin Jack fulfilled. Now as it happens, a running joke in my family was a Smothers … Continue reading

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Has This Been Cleared with the IRB?

I expect quite the turnout… A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Sid Winek,  via Facebook.

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A Day on Ice and Potpourri

All things considered, Mondoville has barely been brushed by the various storms dominating the local news. I heard a bit of sleet last night on the patio as I read. We got an ice storm warning around ten last night. … Continue reading

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