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“I’ll Go Running in Outer Space…”

Eighteen years ago as I type, I was driving our car through a car wash in Southgate, KY, preparatory to driving Mrs. M to Bethesda Oak Hospital, in Cincinnati. I had known for a couple of days that she would … Continue reading

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From Mondoville to Muscovy

I was pleased to see that the family of noted Gormogon-about-town The Czar of Muscovy has taken custody of a new pup. However, I’m particularly pleased to discover that the new addition shares a name with The Hound of the … Continue reading

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Bumpa Bumpa Bumpachicka Bump Bump

No, that isn’t the sequel to a popular children’s book — it’s my phonetic rendering of the beat popularized by rock pioneer Bo Diddley. If you ask a rock musician to play a “Bo Diddley beat”, that’s pretty much what … Continue reading

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Keeping Busy — Potpourri

It has been a full, but rewarding weekend here in Mondoville. Friday night I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Mr. Block’s latest, The Crime of Our Lives. It’s a collection of columns and reminiscences of LB’s travels … Continue reading

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A Busted Economy

I did my Ph.D. at Ball State U in Muncie, IN, and I’m proud of my time there (whether the school is proud is another matter entirely, of course.) The first time I went to Muncie was in 1997, on … Continue reading

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QotD: Cooke’s Tour Edition

So apparently when a Senator obeys a law with which he disagrees, it’s grounds for much chortling and gotcha-shouting. I reckon this is of a piece with the folks who believe that Ayn Rand’s receipt of Social Security stands as … Continue reading

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Peering at the Horizon

I spent a significant portion of the past weekend in Real City, visiting Flagship U with the Spawn and Mrs. M. Between a social for scholarship recipients on Friday night and “Accepted Students Day” on Saturday, we put some mileage … Continue reading

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Michael Brown, R.I.P.

Perhaps because I was an unusual kid, there are few phrases I find more distressing than “former prodigy.” Most obviously, it carries the notion of an already passed expiry date. As Harlan Ellison has observed in “The Cheese Stands Alone”, … Continue reading

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As I’ve mentioned a few times here, I’ve got a story coming out in a new anthology, edited/curated by Lawrence Block. Some of the other authors in the collection include Thomas Pluck, Robert Silverberg, Parnell Hall, and S.J. Rozan — … Continue reading

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Forms for Thee…

So now it seems that there’s no record of Hillary! having signed the State Department form certifying that a departing State Dept. employee has surrendered all relevant  communications to the government upon departure. This is convenient, as a signature would … Continue reading

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