We Are the Road Crew and Potpourri

So The Berries are playing down in Real City tonight, the third band on a five-act bill. By the time the show’s over, we get paid, and I get home and loaded out, it’ll probably be three in the morning before I crash. Well, that’s what I thought, until I realized that with the time change, it’ll be four. For what it’s worth, that’s close to the time I get up most mornings. I think I’ll make an exception tomorrow.

My freshpeeps and I are doing a unit on drama right now, and we looked at “Rodeo”, a 1981 monologue by “Jane Martin“, yesterday. From the conclusion:

There’s a bunch of assholes in this country sneak around until they ya havin’ fun and then they buy the fun and start in sellin’ it. See they figure if ya love it, they can sell it. Well you look out, honey! They want to make them a dollar out of what you love.

Reading it reminded me again that I was liberated the day I realized I was never going to make any money with my music. The music I like to do isn’t really worth the attention of the folks Martin is talking about, and so at this point, all it has to do is please me and the other folks in the band. Yeah, there are fans, and a bit of a subculture, but it remains something for the people who love it. There’s freedom and joy in that, and if it comes at the price of having to hump my drum kit home at stupid o’clock, I still suspect it’s a bargain.


Last night I watched a documentary on songwriter Paul Williams. Not too bad, but I got a bit tired of the documentarian-as-intrusive-fanboy schtick that persists through the movie. Williams has been clean and sober for more than a couple of decades now, and seems to be thoroughly enjoying his life.  I wish him well.


One of the things I enjoy about college basketball is the presence of pep bands. I played in  a short-lived pep band at one of my undergrad schools, and my doctoral institution had a really good one. They do a lot for the atmosphere, and can make things better when the game gets dull. I wish we had a pep band at Mondoville, but not yet. Perhaps one day.

Well, as it happens, a band from the U of Kentucky was supposed to go support the women’s basketball team at the SEC tournament this week in Little Rock. However, the recent heavy weather in Kentucky prevented the musicians from making the trip. In a very sporting gesture, the pep band from Ole Miss deputized for the UK players and supported the team. Pretty cool.


And since we’ve been working the musical side of the street today, and because it’s Saturday, here’s a tune that’s been stuck in my head since Thursday. From 1966, here are the Zoofs from New Orleans, with a nice little piece of folk-garage, “Not So Near.”

A gig report when I wake up … tomorrow afternoon.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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