QotD: Almost 31 Years Ago Edition

So, this hoop-de-do regarding the letter to Iran letting the Iranians know that the President is not empowered to singlehandedly impose treaties without the cooperation of the Legislative Branch…

Judging from my Facebook feed, while it’s beyond human imagination to suggest that someone who wants to fundamentally transform a country may not love it as it is, it’s apparently nifty to accuse Senators of treason for noting how the law works in this country.

But of course, it hasn’t always been thus, and that brings us to our QotD, from the late Rep. Stephen D. Solarz (D-NY), signatory of a toadying letter to Cmdte. Daniel Ortega, whom the Reagan Administration was trying to depose.

[O]ur rights to oppose foreign policy are protected by the Constitution and our responsibility as members of Congress.

Words to live by — if you’re a Democrat.


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