Forms for Thee…

So now it seems that there’s no record of Hillary! having signed the State Department form certifying that a departing State Dept. employee has surrendered all relevant  communications to the government upon departure. This is convenient, as a signature would have meant that she had perjured herself when she waited two years to turn over e-mails.

So perhaps there’s that favorite Clinton-era schtick of “no controlling legal authority” at work. Whatever. But what I find delightful is the following exchange between ventriloquist’s dummy State Dept. spokesperson Jen Psaki and AP reporter Matt Lee:

AP reporter Matt Lee pressed Psaki, asking why the department had previously intimated that the form was “required” and if Clinton’s non-signature violated any rules.

“It’s not a violation of any rule, no,” she said, saying that signing the form may not be a common departure practice and that “there are differences between regulations and, certainly, recommendations.” “The form exists, certainly,” Psaki said. “Beyond that, I don’t have more statistics on what percentage of State Department employees sign on departure from the building.”

“Yes, the form exists, and it exists for a reason,” Lee replied. “It doesn’t exist simply because someone thought, ‘Hey, let’s have a form that someone has to sign!’ It exists for a reason, and probably a pretty good reason, right?”

“Well, there are probably hundreds of forms in the federal government that exist — thousands, tens of thousands of forms that exist,” Psaki said. “So I don’t know that I would over-emphasize the existence of a form.”

Awesome! I think I’ll forego paying taxes from here on out, and when the Feds tell me that they haven’t noticed any 1040 returns from the Mid-Century Mondohaus, I’ll ask them why they’re overemphasizing the existence of a form.

Let’s see how well that works.

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1 Response to Forms for Thee…

  1. Jeff S. says:

    One of the most hellish consequences of a career in politics is ending up in Psaki’s position: namely, that the people to whom she’s devoted her life are content with her looking like a fool, but she can’t push back on them or even quit, because she hasn’t much of a future without them. (I give George Stephanopolous credit for having grokked this earlier than most.)

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