Peering at the Horizon

I spent a significant portion of the past weekend in Real City, visiting Flagship U with the Spawn and Mrs. M. Between a social for scholarship recipients on Friday night and “Accepted Students Day” on Saturday, we put some mileage on the cars and spent a fair amount of time on campus, and the Spawn remains pleased with her choice. If anything, she seems even happier with it than she had been. The place wasn’t exactly overrun with English majors that we could tell (Many of the scholarship kids seemed interested in Flagship’s highly rated International Business program), but I have no doubt she’s going to find her niche. And that’s a relief of its own.

After my folks were killed, the Spawn spent a few years straddling the line between introverted and withdrawn. She was by turns angry and fearful, and reluctant to engage with the world beyond absolute necessity. Color Guard was the single exception to that, and I’m very happy that she decided to do it and stuck with it for three years. But with the coming of college, she seems to be willing to blossom — she’s excited about several of the opportunities Flagship offers, both academic and social. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the kids in her academic echelon get slightly bigger dorm rooms.)

At one point, the three of us had peeled away from the larger group of parents and students, and were looking at a “Wall of Leaders”, where various students who have taken leadership roles are listed on a variety of plaques. “My name will be there before I’m done,” she said.

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, “If that’s what you want to do.”

It’s still a gradual process, however. She was definitely ready to go home by Saturday afternoon — after a swing by some stores to search for a suitable prom dress.

I think one of the charms of the transition to college is the opportunity to reinvent oneself, if that’s what one wishes to do. The Spawn seems intent not so much on a reinvention, but on the chance to reclaim some of what was taken from her almost six years ago. Flagship seems a good place for that to happen.

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1 Response to Peering at the Horizon

  1. dave.s. says:

    #1 has gotten a fat envelope from – not the flagship, but at least a ship of the line in the Va. system. He is VERY ready to leave us in the dust, at least for a while. It’s going to be interesting to see the self he invents once he is not in the house.

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