QotD: Cooke’s Tour Edition

So apparently when a Senator obeys a law with which he disagrees, it’s grounds for much chortling and gotcha-shouting. I reckon this is of a piece with the folks who believe that Ayn Rand’s receipt of Social Security stands as a refutation of her ideas. Now, I don’t plan to vote for Sen. Cruz, but I seem to recall that we’re supposed to obey the law even as we work to change it. I guess that’s oldthink.

Or as Charles C.W. Cooke puts it in today’s QotD, via Twitter:

But of course, the point isn’t consistency — the point is that conservatives are always Emmanuel Goldstein, and the Two Minutes Hate can never end. Particularly if you’re an uppity Hispanic.

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1 Response to QotD: Cooke’s Tour Edition

  1. Well, of course, hypocrisy is one of the two solutions to dealing with cognitive dissonance. The other solution is admitting you’re wrong and wising up.

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