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Slightly Less than Three Minutes of Genius

Jack Ely, former vocalist for the Kingsmen, died yesterday at the age of 71. Along with Lynn Easton, he founded the band in 1959, but he’ll be remembered for a one-take session in April of 1963. Tilting his head back … Continue reading

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Tis the Season…

McSweeney’s offers “An Honest College Rejection Letter“, by Mimi Evans. Meanwhile, Mondoville is still reviewing apps, and if your kid wants to major in English, let me know, and I’ll fight for him or her. A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard … Continue reading

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Gradeapalooza Interruptus

In my previous incarnation as a magazine journalist, I spent a lot of time writing about environmental graphics (or as some call them, “signs”) and interior design in a variety of environments, from retailers to museums and various other venues. … Continue reading

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Good Morning!

Gradeapalooza has begun, but here’s a little eye-opener from a company called Animusic. Hope your day goes well. A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to J-Wo, via Facebook.

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In Which the Prof Views Himself as a Shrubbery

I received a contributor’s copy of Dark City Lights in the mail yesterday, and started to read through it last night. Due to LB’s fiendishly clever algorithms (for which you should read his intro), my story, “Bowery Station, 3:15 a.m.”, is … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendars!

Those who know me are aware that I am not a fan of the President. However, a few days ago he commemorated National Poetry Month with the following: "Poetry matters," says the president. He said it gives shape and texture … Continue reading

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Prom Report

Well, I guess it was memorable. The Spawn’s prom squad arrived and headed downstairs for the final application of makeup… When up from the stairwell arose such a clatter,/ We stirred from our chairs to see what was the matter. Apparently, … Continue reading

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