Continuing Struggles

Some months ago, there was a big to-do about some editorial changes and wholesale resignations at The New Republic. Although TNR has been a tattered brand for quite some time, none of this shook the foundations of my world. Spending six years in the magazine biz, I learned that magazines come and go, and even a collapse of this sort is not uncommon.

But now things are getting personal. Two and a half years ago, I discovered a British magazine called Shindig! It quickly became a go-to publication for me, and I began to subscribe (with a one-year sub going well over 50 bucks, a large hit to the Mondo Media Budget). I’d see the announcement of the latest issue on Facebook, and dash to my mailbox each day until it made its way across the pond to Mondoville. Garage, psychedelia, prog — the magazine covered both the greats and the newer exponents of these forms, with articles of remarkable depth and passion. I liked it — a lot. Indeed, it became one of my ambitions to get something from The Berries reviewed in Shindig! — even if the review was a bad one. I admired and respected their obvious intensity and love for this stuff, a love I happen to share.

But a few days ago, things seem to have ganged agley. The Volcano Publishing Co announced that it was folding Shindig! into a new publication called Kaleidoscope. This seems to have come as a surprise to the founders/editors, and the rather condescending press release from Volcano probably hasn’t helped in that regard.

In short, I’m bummed, but hope remains. The Shindig! guys have stated that they will continue with their magazine, which doesn’t surprise me — love is like that. I hope they succeed — I still want to get a review from them one day.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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