Whales, Nightingales, and… a Senior Prom?

It’s Saturday afternoon, and the Spawn is prepping for Senior Prom. In the absence of a suitable male escort, she and several of her friends are going as a group. Her “date” is one of her teammates from the color guard, and a small gaggle of her friends (some other band kids, and next fall’s roommate) will be gathering here at the Midcentury Mondohaus for final primping before heading to the high school. Doubtless, pictures will follow.


The publisher of Dark City Lights posted information on the anthology’s release on Facebook this morning. A little later, I noticed a comment on his post from someone who had ordered a copy — Judy Collins. While there’s a part of me that wants to ask her if she’ll look at the book from both sides, now, there’s a larger part of me that finds this really cool. Among other things I inherited from Mom and Dad, I got the LP collection, and one of those albums is Whales and Nightingales, by Ms. Collins. I imagine they got it for her version of “Amazing Grace”, which was one of Mom’s favorite songs — it’s also on the only Rod Stewart LP they owned.  But every once in a while, they’d give it a spin. So I know her work gave my folks some pleasure, and now Ms. Collins will own some of my work. I hope the circle is completed.


And speaking of music, it’s Saturday, so here’s an odd little bit of British psychedelia from The Attack, a band most notable for having featured Davy O’List (later of The Nice, and very briefly of Pink Floyd) on guitar. It’s the kind of song that could only have been released by a British band in 1968, and weirdly enough, it was later covered by actor Peter Wyngarde. For all you gardeners out there, here’s “Neville Thumbcatch.”

Happy weekending!


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