Extra Bonus QotD!

On Saturday, I took a break from Gradeapalooza (now, thankfully, ended) so that the Spawn and I could go see the current Avengers movie. We had a good time eating popcorn and watching Captain America punch robots, and afterward, we talked about what a good time it was.

However, apparently some people did not have a good time at all, and while ordinarily this would fall under a chacun a son gout heading, these particular folks were apparently dismayed that the movie did not meet their political needs, and they became so shrill that the film’s director (previously seen as an ally of these causes) fled the sphere of social media.

Me, I shrug, not being the sort of person who looks to superhero movies for political affirmation or ideological challenge. But Ace takes a deeper look at the kerfuffle, and along the way brings us a bonus QotD:

[…I]t’s fair and normal and expected to use political campaigning in political campaigns, but it is aberrant, Stalinist, and Salem-like to begin using political campaign tactics — whipsawing opinion, planting smears, ginning up emotion, calling for people to be un-elected from their jobs — as to non-political actors.

But to the Social Justice Warriors, for whom the Personal Is Political and so too is the Political the Personal, there is no distinction between the public and private sphere, and all the viral hatred that is common in political campaigns is applied to personalized Coordinated Hate Campaigns against lonely citizens having no means whatsoever of fighting back or of delivering their own counter message out to the world.

And in turn, I once more recall Mondo’s Law:

If your politics are bigger than your life, you’re doing one of them wrong.


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