Mother’s Day and Potpourri

And once again, it’s Mother’s Day. Of course, I think of my mom, and my white carnation, today and every day, and I also celebrate Mrs. M, whom I helped get started in the mom business. Whether your mother is still here or is elsewhere, whether you are a mother or simply someone who had a mother (which I think pretty well covers the field), I hope your day is as pleasant as possible.


Yesterday was Commencement at Mondoville, followed by the traditional end-of-year get-together at the Dean’s place. We didn’t have any majors graduate this time — one could have, but he still has athletic eligibility left, and chose to stay another year and pursue whatever classes strike his fancy — but we had a couple of minors walk the stage, good kids both.

One of the things that struck me yesterday was how far some of our kids came to attend a relatively obscure school here in Mondoville. We had grads from five continents yesterday — only Asia and Antarctica were unrepresented. And in what I think of as a happier version of a Rupert Brooke poem, I hope they take a bit of Mondoville back to their scattered homes.

(As an aside, one of our grads is a nursing major from Monroeville, Liberia. Even as she graduated, her home country was finally declared Ebola-free, and the Dean mentioned to me that he had to sign some forms to clear her family to attend the ceremony. I guess timing is everything, and I hope she gets to do good work when she gets home.)


And for a bit of music, here’s a band from one of my favorite cities, Lexington, KY. One Of Hours put out a couple of singles on the Chetwyd label  in the mid-60s, most of which had a kind of Zombies vibe. This is the track I liked the most. From 1967, here’s “Psychedelic Illusions.”

Enjoy your day!


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