Achievement Unlocked

So the Spawn took a brief walk across a gymnasium stage at her high school last night.

Em Diploma

She also received particular mention in the program for having completed the Honors Diploma curriculum. Of the class of 144 kids, only five (including the Spawn and the Roommate) earned that distinction. The Roommate delivered the salutation, and another friend delivered the valediction. It was a very nice ceremony.

One of Mrs. M’s brothers, his wife and their son were in attendance, as were the Mad Dog and Mad Doc, and having guests made everything that much better. In fact, the Spawn said yesterday morning that she had always worried that only her mother and I would be there, and that she was especially happy to have family and friends. We’re inclined to agree.

We returned to the house afterwards and sat around the fire pit in our backyard. Smores were constructed, and the conversation ranged late into the night. The Mad Dog and I were the last survivors, discussing politics and philosophy after everyone else had gone to bed. Neither of us changed the other’s mind, which was exactly as we expected, but we had a great deal of fun anyway.

This morning, the guests have departed — Mrs. M’s family have headed to the beach, where we’ll meet up with them in a few days; the Mads had an early plane to catch, and got on the way a little while ago. So the Spawn is back in her room, working on a paper for our Freshman Comp class — apparently her professor is a real taskmaster.

And yeah, as I sit downstairs and type these words, I find the images flickering across my memory of taking the Spawn to elementary, middle, and high school. And I know that in a matter of weeks, I’ll begin the series of trips to Flagship and take the next step, which is why we raise them, after all. But when I think of last night’s trip across the stage as being the demarcation between two phases of the Spawn’s journey, I marvel at the distance covered in so few steps.

The Roommate, the Spawn, the Valedictorian, the Color Guard Captain, and the Musician gather at a milepost  Godspeed, ladies.

The Roommate, the Spawn, the Valedictorian, the Color Guard Captain, and the Musician gather at a milepost Godspeed, ladies.

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4 Responses to Achievement Unlocked

  1. dave.s. says:

    congrats! we go through this next week.

  2. Linda Roberts says:

    I know! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw that picture was “Tears in my eyes burn…” – It’s no wonder that you are proud parents. I am touched even though I am not sentimental and know of your daughter from this column only.

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