HeroesCon Day 1 Recap

The Spawn and I rolled into town yesterday afternoon a bit past three, and checked into a comfortable but reasonably priced hotel whose name is an anagram for “Man, A Drain.” We went to our room, set down our bags, and —

BRADADADADADADAD! BRADADADADADAD! We heard a sound rather like a jackhammer across the hall, or maybe next door, or maybe right next to my left temple. Renovations, you see. So, I pick up the phone and call the front desk:

“Guest Services.”

“Hi, this is Mr. Mondo in room something-or-other.” (Background noise: BRADADADADADAD!)


“Yeah, about the jackhammer.”

“Oh! Yeah, why don’t you come back and –” BRADADADADADADAD!

“I didn’t catch all of that, but we’ll see you in a moment.” So we did, and were relocated to a very nice room with kind of a sixties vibe, which suits me just fine.

After unpacking and letting Mrs. M know we were safe and sound, we went to the convention center and checked the place out. Highlights thus far include:

  • Meeting Matt Chapman, voice of Homestar Runner. I told him that I use one of the SBEMAIL cartoons in my Freshman Comp classes. This seemed to please him. With luck, a picture may follow.
  • Picking up a trade paperback of my current favorite comic, Astro City. For my money, it may be one of the best-written comics out there, in large part because the superheroes are frequently incidental characters in stories that focus on people like the guy who developed a smartphone app to avoid superhero-based traffic jams, or the woman who works as a 911 operator for a superteam. I love this stuff.
  • The Spawn snagging a very nice print of a Little Shop of Horrors poster, done in a rather Saul Bass style. She already plans to hang it in her room at college.
  • The Spawn also picked up a T-shirt reflecting another of her interests, the video game franchise 5 Nights at Freddy’s.

After that, we walked down the street to a branch of the restaurant chain where I sometimes play trivia. The Spawn is a fan of their fries, and received a helping sufficient to founder a Clydesdale. Fortunately, I was available to bat cleanup — or act as garbage disposal.

After we returned to base camp, the Spawn and I noodled around on our computers, and at one point, she said, “I think this is the first time this month that I haven’t felt rushed.” I thought about it. Graduation, the beach trip, Orientation, and now this — yeah, she’s pretty beat, and has a right to be. But still, she’s excited about getting back to the con, and is currently applying makeup to cosplay as villainess/henchperson Harley Quinn, because cosplay and the people who do it are her favorite parts of the whole business. Later tonight, we may catch the new Pixar movie. Or maybe we’ll collapse with exhaustion. Either way, I’ll keep you posted.

About profmondo

Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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