HeroesCon Day 2 and Home Again

After embarking from the Mardi Naan and getting breakfast at the Monopod yesterday, the Spawn and I headed back to the Convention Center for another day of comic-related activity. There was a 2-block line of folks waiting to get in, which made us glad we had bought multi-day passes and could stroll on in.

Under the heading of small worlds, we had been there about 10 minutes when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey! I saw your band in Columbia a couple of weeks ago.” We spoke for a minute, and I told him about a show we have scheduled at the end of July, and we went our separate ways. I think the Spawn was even slightly impressed. (LEAVE ME MY DELUSIONS!)

We circulated for a while after that, the Spawn collecting shots of other cosplayers while I looked for interesting reading material.

Harley and Amazon Warrior WW Harley Rorschach and Phoenix Harley and Unidentified Cool Costume

Meanwhile, I went back to the Homestar Runner booth:


The Spawn acquired comics that included a couple of autographed issues of Tuff-Girl and a collection of Molly Danger (also signed). My finds included a collection of C.O.W.L., a comic set in 1962 Chicago; a collection with the irresistible title God Hates Astronauts; a totebag with a portrait of William Gaines and the inscription “Bill Gaines Was Right!”; and Joe R. Lansdale’s comic adaptation of one of my favorite horror stories. Those last two items also included donations to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an organization I’m happy to support. I also snagged a set of JL8 badges from Yale Stewart.

After we went back to the Drama Anni, we unwound a bit and then wandered over to a fast food joint with a chatty staff and excellent chiliburgers and fries. Highly recommended.

We capped the evening by heading to a local cinema to catch Inside Out, the new Pixar flick. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did A Bug’s Life or Monsters Inc., it was still a good time, and I saw enough characters I recognized to make it worth my money. The opening short, “Lava”, was sweet — cloyingly so, I’m afraid — but from a technical standpoint, the use of texture was impressive.

After that, we returned to the Mandarina for the night, and the Spawn eventually crashed like she had been poleaxed. Eventually we roused this morning, paid another visit to the Monopod, and made our way home. All in all, a very satisfactory Father’s Day Weekend.

I hope yours has been pleasant as well.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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