Publication News and Potpourri

I’m pleased to report that my short-short, “Tips”, is in the latest issue of Dark Corners, which also includes stories from my colleague and brother-in-noir David Rachels, Ed Kurtz, Will Viharo, Heath Lowrance, Ryan Sayles (who also just welcomed a new daughter — congratulations, fella!), and other nifty writers. It’s all wrapped in a really cool cover as well, adapted by Emily J. McNeely from the painting Hunting the giant octopus of Namekawa in Ecchu province by Utagawa Hiroshige III:


You can pick it up here in dead tree form, or here for your Kindle.


Went to Real City with the ladies this afternoon — while they haunted the mall, I went to a local music store and window-shopped a bit, looking at a set of drum mikes because the Berries are looking at doing some tracking, either demos or a full DIY project. Credit to the salesman for the attempted upsale, but I managed to resist this sort of situation:

Later, I swung by the used bookstore, where I saw an autographed hardback of Lawrence Block’s “One-book series”, The Specialists. I was sorely tempted, but with a tuition payment to make this evening, I opted instead for the paperback version, and with luck, I’ll get LB to sign it for me at Bouchercon in October. Meanwhile, the Spawn snagged a copy of Stephen King’s From a Buick 8, and I bought a copy of Jane Eyre for donation to a local school’s book drive for low-income students.

That was followed by a trip to a local beauty supply shop that is a favorite of the Spawn. She picked up some sort of unguent that, judging from the price, is apparently made from Californium-252, and we headed home. Two weeks from today, we’ll be in Real City again, but I’ll be driving home without her. I hope I’m up to it.


The abovementioned Dr. David Rachels and I are in the process of building an academic journal to replace one for which Mondoville College was once known, but which departed shortly before my arrival in town. As part of that, I’m reading similar journals to the one we plan to build, one of which is no longer extant. Although I thought I had escaped the magazine editing biz when I went back to grad school seventeen years back, I can hope things will be different when the subject matter strikes me as more interesting. We shall see.


Today’s music comes from a band that’s pretty close to the definition of a one-hit wonder, which is of course better than being a no-hit wonder. The interesting thing is that their one hit is actually a fusion of two songs (with nifty production from Bob Ezrin), but nobody cares, and it has become a staple of classic rock stations ever since its release in 1980. As a matter of fact, a band of mine that featured the Mad Dog on vocals covered it a few times, but I still like it. So from Hamilton, Ontario, here are the Kings, with a powerpop gem: “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide”. By the way, the band is still around, and yep, they still do this one.

Nothin’ matters but the weekend, so I hope yours is enjoyable!

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