Hello, Flagship…

So this was day one. We had the van loaded by 10:30, and the Spawn rode with me (Mrs. M driving separately) to Real City, and so to Flagship. I have to say, they seem to have the move-in business down to a science. We had the van unloaded and our gear at the curb in about 4 minutes after our arrival. Mrs. M was wise enough to score us a couple of hand trucks (another reason we needed two vehicles), so getting the supplies to her room  was no problem. In fact, by the time I had moved the cars to a nearby parking lot, the girls were already in her room.

Due to some bureaucratic confusion, the Spawn didn’t wind up with the roommate she had planned, who is now in the adjacent building. However, the new roommate, a young woman from North Carolina who wants to be a pediatrician, seems very pleasant and welcoming, and she and the Spawn appeared to hit it off pretty nicely. The Roomie is going through Sorority Rush, and so she has already been on campus for a few days. I think she was glad of the company.

After unpacking and getting everything set up, we made a quick run to a local WalMart, bringing the Roomie along as well, because she needed to pick up a couple of things — neither of the girls has a car on campus at this time. About twenty minutes after our return from the store, it was time for Mrs. M and me to head out. The Spawn walked us down to the lobby of the residence hall, and we told her we’d see her before too long.

In her new habitat.

In her new habitat.

Mrs. M got a bit of a lead on me on the way home, as I had to pick up a few things at a grocery in Real City that aren’t available in Mondoville. However, when I got back to the Midcentury Mondohaus, there was no sign of Mrs. M. I dialed her up on the cell phone. “Where are you?”

“I don’t want to tell you,” she said. It turns out that she had driven past all three of the Mondoville exits, and was about halfway out of the state before she realized it. She may have been a bit distracted. She got turned around, however, and made it home a little while ago.

So now I think we’re all where we’re supposed to be, and we’re waiting to see what comes next. I think it’ll be exciting, once we get used to it.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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